Staff Augmentation

At Comtech Global, Inc we provide excellence in Information Technology Consulting & Solutions. An in-depth knowledge of various technology areas enables us to provide end-to-end solutions and services.

Comtech Global, Inc understands the value associated with providing a total solution that fully addresses the business needs of our customers.

We have a lot of different people within our organization with various interest and knowledge. The thing they have in common is the will to perform and produce overwhelming results. Furthermore, they are all selected among a large number of competing professionals, and have the best qualifications available.

As your mentor, we provide expert advice and guidance in all aspects of software development. Our mentors will help your team deliver results, and give them the tools to excel in future projects.

Our senior engineers can work with your development team for consulting in new technologies, introduce new development processes and architecture, conduct code reviews or help your team over a difficult or complex development issue. Total solution consulting services offered to you from the experts.

Global Staffing Services

Comtech Global, Inc provides full service staffing services for high net worth clients, which range from Scientific, Clinical Research, Engineering, Financial services to Information Technology spanning legacy, current and emerging technologies. Our staffing services are tailored to support a broad spectrum of client needs - from niche "boutique" requirements to large volume requirements managed through a Vendor Management System (VMS) relationship

Global Outsourcing Solutions

Comtech Global, Inc has successfully delivered outsourced IT projects geared towards unique customer needs. Our objective is to bring high levels of service, quality, process and thought leadership while implementing state-of-the-art technologies for our clients, at a cost that will save them anywhere in the range of 30 - 70% on average. Our services & solutions are built to complement our customer's business strategy, size, and their IT spend. Spectraforce strategically leverages it's partners and alliances, helping our clients implement and integrate the best-packaged solutions to deliver business results.

We carry expertise in the field of:

    image1   Analysts
    image1   Oracle
    image1   Java
    image1   Microsoft .Net
    image1   Web Sphere
    image1   Weblogic
    image1   Siebel CRM
    image1   SAP
    image1   ERP and CRM Implementations
    image1   Database Administration
    image1   Data warehousing Tools.
    image1   Project and Program Management
    image1   Infrastructure and Security


From offloading application maintenance and product development to helpdesk operations, the benefits of off shoring are numerous. Assured of the best among Indian software developers, you can form vital partnerships and establish mission-critical Extended Development Centers - all at phenomenally lower costs.

Outsourcing engagements, however, have to start right. From the initial agreement through to change management, transition, and eventual value creation, Comtech Global is committed to working closely with you,refining, adapting, and streamlining our operations to serve your needs better.

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are established to define boundaries of all offshore or offsite projects in terms of:

  • Functions and services that we provide you
  • The volume of work that will be accepted and delivered
  • Acceptance criteria for responsiveness
  • Quality of deliverables

With the right outsourcing model, you can dedicate yourself to your core competence, allowing you to concentrate on the implementation of more creative and effective strategies. As your outsourcing partner, we deliver the resources and best practices to support your business objectives. Our outsourcing model is simple – you define the outcomes, and we provide the means.

Our mature offshore outsourcing model is supported by several person years of experience in providing offshore services, technology, and procedural solutions to match. We can thus effectively manage engagements from inception to delivery.

When you work with us, you are also assured of minimal corporate disruption: we engage seasoned project managers on-site to provide project management for offshore engagements. The following key attributes allow us to offer the compelling service of a fully ‘managed’ offshore development center:
  • Experience
  • People and processes
  • Infrastructure
  • Technology differentiation

Service delivery is typically effected from Comtech Global premises, either offsite, near-shore, or offshore. Operating on a turnkey basis, all aspects from concept/ideation to final user acceptance testing are staffed, managed and delivered by Comtech Global teams.
The Offshore Advantage
  • Shortened Lead Times
  • Leverage on ready infrastructure provided by our offshore "development center" to jump-start projects.
  • Offshore teams can also be rapidly ramped up and down, substantially shortening lead times Extended IT resource reach
  • You have direct access to a large pool of design and software talent with diverse skill sets and expertise
  • Flexibility in resource ramp-up/down
  • Ramp up and downsize resources at relatively short notice
  • Higher utilization and productivity
  • Optimal resource utilization with retained knowledge, efficient resource allocation, and resource sharing between projects.
  • Dedicated resources reduce effort spent on induction and training Faster development advantage
  • Use the time-zone difference as an advantage in development time. A 24-hour cycle can be kept going to speed up development when necessary

Application Development

Comtech Global, Inc. has an organized team of experienced and proven web application and software application developers. As one of the strong supporters of Open Source methodology, we understand what is required to design and develop cost effective, efficient and scalable solutions for our clients.

Our services are designed to assist your product development needs. Open Source technologies help us with the following:

  • Reduce the cost involved
  • Enhance your existing products features
  • Dramatically decrease the product development cycle
  • Deliver highly skilled Open Source experts to augment your development team
  • Help increase your revenue by expanding the market reach of your products.

Application Development Services

Our experienced team of consultants can work with your development staff to provide you with the Open Source knowledge, skill and expertise you need. Our proven methodologies are designed to deliver your projects on target and on time. Some of our application development services include:
  • Open Source based Strategic Product Planning
  • Device driver development/enhancement
  • Custom Linux development/integration including reliability and scalability features
  • Product Testing and Assessment
  • Application Performance Characterization, Tuning and Optimization
  • Product Development utilizing Open Source Technologies

Some of the web solutions that we can offer (but are not limited to):

  • E-Commerce websites with payment gateway integration
  • Intranet and other database related applications.
  • Web based retail and supply chain management solutions.
  • Web based CRM and ERP solutions.
  • And much more

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