About Us

Success in any project requires the proper balance of people, methods and tools.

At Comtech Global , we staff each project with a combination of business and technical knowledge, energy, chemistry, and commitment needed to make a project succeed.

We organize and manage this complex collection of IT Professionals into an effective and efficient development team and, once an engagement begins, we continue to support our placements throughout each phase of the system development life cycle. Comtech Global IT Disciplines Profile Comtech Global consulting personnel consist of Junior Level through highly qualified Project Manager and Technical Lead rankings. Our India office has a Center of Excellence for Web Development in Hyderbad and it delivers high quality, cost effective, world-class solutions for startups, non-profits and enterprise organizations. We use cutting edge Open Source frameworks like Cake PHP & Ruby on Rails for building agile, scalable and robust database backed web applications. We are ISO certified and use Six Sigma methodologies in our development process

Our consultants come to us with industry experiences from such business sectors as Manufacturing, Technology, Financial, Software, Hardware, Transportation, and Federal and State Governments. The IT Skill sets of our technical staff includes:

image1    Client/Server Technology
image1    Open Systems
image1    Distributed Systems Applications
image1    ERP/CRM
image1    Business Intelligence
image1    Data Warehousing
image1    Database Architecture and Administration
image1    Networking Management and Architectures
image1    Mainframe and Legacy Systems
image1    Internet and Intranet Disciplines Project and Program Management
image1    Programmer / Analysts


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